Generation Inspiration Board of Young Leaders


What is the Generation Inspiration Board?

Generation Inspiration is run by 8 elite Gainesville High School students (Generation Inspiration Board of Young Leaders) who go above and beyond in pursuing their dreams and paving the way for the next generation to transform our community. 

How You Become a Board Member

To be considered for the board, each student must present a 1 page essay on why they want to be on the board, and how they can contribute to the success/progress Generation has made so far. Additionally, each board member is elected due to their love for the community, their desire to better themselves, as well as their notable progress over the course of our 8 week summer program. Every student who is on The Generation Inspiration Board volunteered to be on the board at the end of the Summer program.

Board Positions:

The Generation Inspiration board is facilitated by the Generation Inspiration Executive Director: Timothy Folsom.

The 8 board positions include: President, Vice President, Secretary, Student Activities Coordinator, Communication Director, and Student Accountability Partner. We currently have two Student Activities Coordinators. 

When We Meet & What we do

Our board meets twice a month to plan community service events, fundraisers, team building exercises, and innovative ways to improve their own life and the lives of others.

Community Service and Planning include: Un-Tag Gainesville, sock & clothing drives, food drives, partnering with other nonprofits such as Habitat for Humanity, Good News at Noon, and other organizations such as Challenged Child to help underprivileged children.

Fundraisers include: car wash, bake sales, sporting event fundraising, door to door fundraising, regular meetings with business owners & foundations to explain how they can help and what their donations will do for this organization, etc. etc.




President: Cammy Nguyen

"I am a high school senior who is graduating in 2018. After High School, I want to go to college because I aspire to become a medical oncologist. My passions include playing the violin, painting, reading books, writing poetry, and of course Generation Inspiration. My motto in life is to live life not by the hour or by the minute, but by the second."

IMG_0710 (2).JPG

Secretary: Elizabeth Markey

"I am currently a senior graduating in May of 2018. I aspire to attend Spring Hill College with the Dream of pursuing a Criminal Law degree. Beyond my aspiration for school, I fulfill my time volunteering at a local soup kitchen and church. In my life, I live by the quote "I never dreamt of success. I worked for it."


Vice President: Kingsley Owusu

"I am currently a junior at Gainesville High School. I aspire to go to Emory University in Atlanta after high school in order to get one step closer to fulfilling my lifelong goal of becoming a neurosurgeon."


Student Activities Coordinator: Gabino Flores

"Hi my name is Gabino Flores and I aspire to become a film director. Currently I'm a junior at Gainesville High School. Once I graduate from high school I plan on attending Full Sail University in order to get closer to the film industry."


Volunteer Coordinator: Anne marie dye

"I am currently a junior at Gainesville High School. After high school I plan on attending a university for both undergraduate and graduate school with the aspiration of becoming an epidemiologist."


Communication Director: Jeilianne Vasquez

""I am currently a Junior at Gainesville High School. When I am older I aspire to be in the performing arts. I want to write my own movies, plays, and musicals. I would love to travel to places like New York City and California to explore and learn more about the industry I'm passionate about."